Extended producer responsibility brings into accountability of the Electronic Waste producers, PRO’s, Electronic Waste Recyclers and all other stake holders in one single platform to have clear understanding of the wastes that are generated, channelised, segregated and recycled.

Electronic Waste Recycling will give the country and its people a safe and sound environment for the future generations to come. This has brought in some discipline and control over the unorganised sectors and generated employment to many people.

Indirectly this has increased the revenues for the government, logistics business is thriving, more importantly the natural resources are put for better use, hence the cost for mining for new metals has decreased.

We provide guidance in data collection, documentation, getting EPR authorisation and implementation. We also assist in applying for certifications for organisations interested in getting approved as Electronic Waste Dismantlers, Electronic Waste Recyclers etc.,

We can work with the companies in guiding with all the prerequisites for the Electronic Waste Recycling permits and the authorisation that is required. We also provide them with the proper recycling standards and approved authorised vendors of pollution control board, where they can handover the residue. As an extended support mechanism we will educate on filing the annual return for electronic waste recycled.

R2, RIOS & ISO14001

An R2 – Responsible Recycling, certified company will have a enhanced operating system in the electronics recycling industry. The certificate aids in generating better profits, increase the market share. It has a better control on the clients, vendors as it takes correct measures to save the environment, employees, stake holders and have a better security over the data. The R2 certified company will be able to track upto the final disposal of the focus materials in the value chain.

RIOS – Recycling Industry Operating Standard is framed especially for the recycling industry. Its predominant focus is on Quality, Environment, Health & Safety (QEH&S). The system derives plans to commit quality in recyclable and reusable items, protecting the environment from the activities involved in recycling, health and safety of workers, people around the system. The organised flow brings in a approach to risks, applying controls, calculate performance withing the acceptable limits.

IS014001 organisation manages and demonstrates its commitment to preventing pollution, meets all legal compliances, improves overall environmental performance, will have procedures for communicating with internal and external parties, respond to emergencies very effectively, analyses non conformities and execute corrective action.